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Going to Hell in a Fruitbasket


I’ve had a draft of a blog post titled “Applelandia Exit Strategy” lying around for 6 months or so. It is about how I will be leaving the lands of Apple and live the super sexy and free open source lifestyle with a Linux laptop and Cyanogenmod on my Android smartphone.

Alas, it is not to be, not for the foreseeable future.

I have a very short list of Mac software that I have a really hard time finding an adequate replacement for on Linux; 1Password & Soulver. They are both so incredibly ingrained in everything I do, and I love them both. Soulver is just a really neat tool I use every day, and I could probably find a replacement for it in something like iPython, whereas 1Password is a real serious security helper. I could never manage that many that random passwords in any other way, except perhaps for LastPass (which works on Linux), but the workflow of 1Password seems much better from what I can tell. So, no incentive to change, but if that was the only thing keeping me away from migrating to Linux I think I’d manage.

The saving grace in all of it was Spotify, they have a linux client, which is real nice of them. And I really love music and the freedom of having a huge library to explore, so I don’t want to live without that now.

But then Spotify changed their terms, and not for the better. They say they’re sorry, but they haven’t changed them back, so it sounds quite hollow. Read those links, they really say it all. If I remember correctly it is pretty much the same defence Facebook used when they gave themselves permission to do way too much on users' phones a few years ago.

I have lost faith in them. A smartphone is an intimate personal thing not to be violated.

Luckily there’s Apple Music now. While still not as good as Spotify in my opinion, it is good enough, and it’ll only get better. And the price is the same.

What makes Apple Music much better, long term, is that Apple makes money from hardware devices, the music streaming is just an add-on, roughly speaking. They do not have the same incentives that Spotify have to monetize their users, they have already got a lot of money from their users in the first place, so even if Apple are just as evil as Spotify, and they probably are, their incentives are different, and more likely to make them behave in an agreeable way.

So it seems staying in Applelandia is the correct thing to do, going forward.

My laptop and iPhone are both getting old, and a MacBook looks oh so sweet, and there will be a new iPhone model out soon… The MacBook is not good for gaming though, so having a PC for that, where I can use the screen with the MacBook too, would be awesome.

I think that’s the plan.

By the way, the title of this blog post is a play on the words “going to hell in a handbasket”, which describes a situation headed for disaster inescapably or precipitately, and I plan to do that on the Apple platform, and apples being fruits and all… you get the picture.

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