Last sunday I sat at Soulhouse in Copenhagen, meditating in intense bliss, tears of happiness and gratefulness running down my face, in The New Tantra’s Step 9. Absolutely one of the top experiences of my life in itself, and a deep imprint that will no doubt reverberate through the rest of my life.

It was, in other words, profound.

The deceptively simple—but not easy—trick that Alex Vartman and Apollo taught was this: sit and meditate, and take the perspective that you’re dreaming. Where are you in the dream? You’re not that space behind your eyes, you’re not your body, not your thoughts. You’re the container of it all, including space and time.

And when you really get that, the bliss you feel is incredible, and surprising.

So let’s back up; why is that so?

The traditional view is that everything is contained in the Brahman consciousness, that which was before the big bang happened. Inside this exists the physical world as we know it, space and time included. Brahman consciousness is the big dreamer of all of this, and we are the little dreamers. By viewing the world as the dream, and taking the perspective of observing all this as if we are the dreamer of it, we gain a sort of big dreamer perspective. And that is bliss.

A more modern view is that we are living in a simulation, and the big dreamer is the host of the simulation. Feeling the hypervisor is bliss.

So this is my new practise. Having experienced all of this, there’s no way I can not practise that.

Since the workshop I have been meditating for around 30 minutes every morning, with quite varied results, there’s certainly a sense of something out of the ordinary happening, yet not the complete and total bliss I felt at the workshop last sunday. And Alex did warn us “don’t expect it to be as strong when you’re home”, and it isn’t. Sadly. But a few years of practise will probably fix that.

Yeah, this is a pretty serious change of tack compared to the usual writing here, but that’s where my life is going. But I did mention the word “hypervisor”, so there was a little tech stuff, right?