Today I visited my dentist to have her look at a suspicious tooth she had discovered a few weeks ago when I had to have a root canal done in a tooth that I broke.

She couldn’t quite make out what was wrong on the original x-rays, so had a new one taken today, and it was still not conclusive, so she just had to anaesthetize and start drilling to see what was wrong.

In the dentists chair, waiting for the anaesthesia to take effect

It turned out that the tooth had “Internal Resorption”, as feared. It is a rare condition, and seems to happen for no reason at all, or perhaps from some sort of trauma. The tooth could not be saved, so it had to be pulled out. At least that was cheaper than another root canal, just to look at the bright side.

And now I’m home and feel sad to loose a tooth like that, it feels like a gigantic hole in the usual row of teeth. It feels especially annoying that I couldn’t have done anything to avoid it. No amount of dental hygiene and maintenance in my past, or going to the dentist earlier, could have saved the tooth.

Supremely annoying, bacause there’s nothing to learn from it, no behavior to change. I could’ve done nothing to save the tooth.

At least that was what my dentist told me. She probably meant to comfort me with that, but it didn’t work that way, I just got annoyed. And around €300 poorer.


I’ll stop whining now.

UPDATE: The internal Resorption was probably caused by trauma from having my teeth adjusted in my teens.