Starting My Own Business

Late last year I started resenting my job as IT system administrator. On paper it was a good solid corporate job, and I guess it was in reality too. It was just that I didn’t have my heart in it, and I sucked at it. So much so, that I got an official verbal warning from my boss.

That really stressed me out, and through november I started to notice my memory not working right, I forgot things, and felt a bit hazy at times. Slept too much, ate too much, especially comfort food of all kinds, and started gaining weight. Symptoms of stress, all of it. It sucked.

Then, in the first weekend of december, I realized it had to stop. Now. And I had to find something else to do, because there was no way I could see myself work with IT again.

I talked to my boss about it, and much to his credit, he agreed to fire me and put me on gardening leave, effective immediately, so since december 6th I’ve been off the hook. It has been an enourmous relief, and I am deeply thankful for this chance I’ve gotten.

Riding 180 km at Challenge Roth 2013, doing something I love

So I followed my passion for triathlon, and started a triathlon coaching company, behold: tri+.

Since I had the revelation that now was the time for my own business, everything has been falling into place, just like that. Still so much to do, I keep finding things to improve on the website, I am waiting for my company registration to go through (early next week, probably) and so on.

I want to make everything just perfect, before I start making noise online about it, but perfect is, as always, the enemy of good, so I should just get started. So, at the end of today I declare the website done. I’ll keep working on it and improve it, but it is production ready, and it’s time to start a marketing campaign.

There. I said it. Now I am committed to that.

I’m happy.