Almost a month ago I had one of those drives home from work where I was so completely lost in thought that I probably wasn’t a very safe driver. But I did get things sorted out, and a decision made: No more triathlon for now, just running. I want to give the whole trail and ultra running thing a go.

I still love swimming, cycling and the whole triathlon thing, but I just can’t fit it into my life in a good way.

Running is my weakest sport in triathlon, but also the one I consistently get the most joy from, especially trail running. It is easy to do, even when travelling. And as a single sport athlete I can just get up early and get the training done, and get on with life the rest of the day. No more cramming in a morning swim and only just make it in time for the morning scrum meeting at work, then sitting later in the day thinking of how early I can leave work to get the bike or run training done so dinner does not have to be postponed to after 8 again. I hate eating late.

And it’s just that constant state of being in one place, while really wanting to be somewhere else I want to get rid of. Or at least minimise.

This year I will “just run” a lot, and get started on ultra running probably target a 60-100 km autumn ultra and then rest before I build into a serious 2nd attempt at Thy Trail Marathon. I love Thy Trail Marathon. The only other time I attempted the full marathon distance there, it took 5 hours, and I was basically sick with exhausion afterwards the next 36 hours. It was horrible, but also my own damn fault for attempting a tough marathon on something like 25 km training per week. And I promised myself I’d do it right next time I attempted, and otherwise resigned to the half marathon distance since.

Ultimately the goal is the monstrous 171 km Ultra Trail Mont Blanc, but because of the qualifying rules it can’t be earlier than 2020 that I can make it. So that’s the project.