My name is Morten Gade Liebach. I was born in Thisted, Denmark, on February 7th, 1971, to hippie parents. Since then I have lived all over the place in Denmark: Odder, Brande and Vestervig — moved away from home when I was 17 to Aalborg, then Dronninglund, Thisted, Aarhus, several places in the greater Copenhagen area.

I now live in Randers. Actually a bit outside Randers, close to Langå, in a tiny village named Jebjerg, I usually refer to it as the east Jutland boondocks, because it is. And I like that a lot.

I am married in an open tantric relationship to my lovely wife, Lis Gade Liebach.

Me, with my son Tobas on my shoulders

I have two wonderful kids, Tobias, 10 years old, and Clara, 7 years old. They live with their mother about 30 km away, and they stay with us every other weekend.

I am an NLP Type 5, “The Investigator”, a Myers-Briggs INTJ — just generally a nerd. And I run my own triathlon coaching company as a hobby, and—hopefully—a source of income.

Go and read my Curriculum Vitae (Résumé for you ‘mericans) for my professional history.