Curriculum Vitae

I am currently starting my own business as a triathlon coach, but I will need to supply my income somehow. Almost anything has my interest, but physical training and IT related jobs is preferred. And preferably not full time.

Check my CV/Resumé out, see if you think I could fit into your business plans.

I am structured and strategic thinking, and I can keep a level head when the shit hits the fan. I live with my wife and have two kids aged 6 & 8 that stay with me every second weekend.

I am an Enneagram Type 5 with a 6 Wing, “The Investigator” & “The Loyalist”, respectively, a Myers-Briggs INTJ. I feel both descriptions fit me really well.



2017- Founder and Coach, tri+, Randers

tri+ provides triathlon coaching services, tailored to anyone, from the beginner to the seasoned veteran in the sport.

2015-2017 Systems Engineer Specialist, Grundfos, Bjerringbro

Running mostly Java apps on Linux.

  • CentOS Linux and a few Windows servers
  • Ansible configuration management
  • Running Adobe AEM, JBoss, WebSphere

2014-2015 Teacher Assistant, Bjerregrav Skole, Randers

Helping out with all physical education from 1st to 9th grade, and also some math, biology and geography classes. Contract ended february 2015.

2012-2013 System Administrator,, Aarhus

Working on both the QuickPay payment gateway and the hosting business.

  • FreeBSD and Ubuntu servers, managed by the in-house developed PEPSI tool
  • Mercurial and git/GitHub for source code management
  • Development of an MPI implementation in the Padrino ruby framework

2010-2012 System Administrator, DanDomain, Randers

DanDomain was my first job in the hosting business.

  • Responsible for Ubuntu Linux servers
  • LVS loadbalancing
  • Switch updates and configuration
  • Backup, especially database backups
  • Data Custodian on 􏰂 Windows maintenance and configuration 􏰂 2nd level support

2010 System Administrator, 24-7 Entertainment, Copenhagen

24-7 Entertainment provides music shops and streaming services for customers.

  • Primary responsible sysadmin for the Linux servers (CentOS and RedHat)
  • Applications run on Tomcat with Oracle backends
  • 10 Gbit connections, VLANs and trunked/bonded interfaces
  • Juniper firewalls & loadbalancer with SSL offloading, HP switches
  • Windows servers running proprietary application
  • Integrating Linux servers into the Windows Active Directory

2009 System Manager, Preview Networks, Copenhagen

Preview Networks helps film distributors with promotion, and makes it easy for website owners to feature trailers.

  • The only system administrator, and as such I did a little of everything regarding IT
  • Building and maintaining the infrastructure for
  • Maintained a FreeBSD and Apache/PHP/PostgreSQL based setup
  • Restructuring the network
  • End user support and administration

2004-2009 System Administrator, TELMORE A/S, Taastrup

TELMORE is a virtual mobile network operator.

  • Maintained and built infrastructure based on FreeBSD, Solaris 10, J2EE and Jboss with an Oracle backend running on HP-UX 11i
  • Designed and built the Linux-HA and ldirectord based HA/loadbalancing setup for
  • Primary maintainer of the HP ProCurve switch configurations, IPFW and pf firewall configurations
  • VPN on Cicso ASA 5500 appliances
  • NetBackup on HP-UX and FreeBSD
  • HP EVA-5000 SAN
  • Fiber storage network, HP PA-RISC servere and Qlogic HBA’s
  • Renewal and installation of SSL certificates
  • Administrator for the company Digital Signatur LRA-certificates


2012-Present Triathlon Coach, Randers Freja Triathlon, Randers

Certified level 2 coach by the Danish Triathlon Federation.

2003-2005 Coord Team Member, Linuxforum, Copenhagen

Was one of the members of the coord team organising the old Linuxforum conference, now renamed Open Source Days.


Operating Systems: reeBSD & OpenBSD, Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS & RedHat, Windows Server 2003–2008, Mac OS X (workstation).

Networking Equipment: HP ProCurve switches, Vyatta Network OS firewall, Cisco ASA 5500 series, Linux- HA/heartbeat and ldirectord.

Webservers: Apache httpd 1.3 (especially the OpenBSD 1.3.29 fork) & 2.x, thttpd, Tomcat.

Mailservers: Postfix, Courier IMAPd & POP3d, Sendmail.

Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS-SQL.

Protocols: HTTP, TCP/IP, SMTP, DNS, TLS, SSL etc. I know what I need, and if I don’t, I learn, it really isn’t that hard in my experience.


2014 NLP Business Practitioner, RM Academy (Kristjan Lange), Aarhus

A business focused NLP Practitioner course with certification, focused on coaching and management.

  • Working with relations
  • How to work with thoughts and emotions
  • Motivate self and others

2004 Java XML Developer course, ITA (now 4Mat), Copenhagen

Stopped the course when I was hired by TELMORE.

  • Business understanding and project management
  • Architecture and design
  • Professional Java
  • XML with Java
  • Data security and encryption

2003-2004 Microsoft .NET developer course, SoftAdvice, Copenhagen

  • Project Management and control
  • Using UML, Unified Process and Design Patterns
  • The latest ideas, concepts and products from Microsoft; Visual Studio .NET, C# and others
  • Use of MS-SQL (MSDE) and MySQL backends

2002-2003 First Semester as “Datamatiker” courses, Niels Brock, Copenhagen

“Basic Programming in C++” and the first part of “System Development”.

1998-2001 Lab Technician, Laborantskolen Århus, Aarhus

Trainee at Fødevareregion Århus.

  • Concentrated project based teamwork and exams
  • Datacollection, analysis and report writing in Microsoft Office
  • Quality Control and statistical control of results
  • Documentation of procedures and methods


1994-1998 Math/Phys at Aarhus University No exam, various jobs and HF exam upgrade.

1992-1994 HF Exam At Thisted Gymnasium.

1991-1992 Firefighter Trained while in the service at Nordjyske CF Kolonne.

1988-1991 Trained Forest Worker EFG Jordbrug, Aalborg/Skovskolen/Dronninglund Storskov.


Danish Mothertongue.

English Fluent – I have worked in English in several jobs.


1992-Present Triathlon I’ve done 6 Ironman distance races, and a lot of shorter races through the years.

1998-Present Open Source Software It was what whetted my interest in IT and choosing that career.

2012-Present Triathlon Coaching Triathlon education, swimcoaching in Randers Freja Triathlon.

2013-Present Tantra (primarily The New Tantra) Self improvement and spiritual growth.

PDF Versions

You can get all of the above in much nicer looking PDF versions:

For the curious, yes, the PDF CV’s are written in LaTeX, which is a joy to work with, and you are more than welcome to look at the source on github, if that’s your thing.