The Joy of LaTeX

By LaTeX I don’t mean just latex, but LaTeX, the document typesetting system originally developed by Leslie Lamport. Being unemployed means I write job applications quite a bit, and I’ve used for it, but one day, which turned in to 2 days, I took the plunge and rewrote my Curriculum Vitae in LaTeX, both a Danish and an English version, using the absolutely excellent ModernCV class by Xavier Danaux. You can peek at the TeX sources in Danish and English if you wish. [Read More]

So, I got fired…

I guess the euphemistic term is “laid off”, but I am not one for euphemisms. It is quite a gut punch to get fired like that, even on an otherwise gorgeous august monday morning. My boss had requested a “meeting” (complete with the quotes around) the friday before, and I had a bad feeling about it from the start. And I was right like a Jedi. There are no hard feelings whatsoever, either way. [Read More]

Jels Duathlon 2013

Today I officially started my 2013 multisport campaign by racing Jels Duathlon 2013 in 2:15:28.6. Files: First run, 5 km Bike, 44 km Second run, 5 km The format was 5-44-5 in probably the coldest and most miserable weather I’ve ever raced in. The only other duathlon I have raced, back in 1992, was warmer, but so windy lots of people had trouble staying upright on the bike. What is it with duathlon and the weather? [Read More]

Weight Loss, So Far

Since I started loosing weight early in November last year I’ve been averaging just over 0.6 kg/week, until late in January. All of February my weight has been stable around 83 kg, and nothing happened. About a week into February I lost energy, and completely failed to train several days in a row at one point. I thought I had a virus in my body or something, but it didn’t really feel like it. [Read More]

Thy Trail ½ Marathon

Yesterday I raced Thy Trail Marathon 2013, the ½ marathon distance. I was 61st out of 157, with a time of 2:04:38. Driving to the race I remember thinking “why did I change to the half distance when the full marathon distance would have been 10 times the fun?” Well, I did because I was afraid the recovery after a marathon would cost too much ironman training, so there was a good reason. [Read More]

10 Years

Today, exactly 10 years ago, I published my first blog post here. Since then I found love, got married, had a son and a daughter (not blogged, sadly, since the site was un-updateable for a few months) and a divorce. All more or less chronicled here, alongside lots of random nerdery. Reading back through the archives is quite an emotional roller coaster, triggering all kinds of memories of the times when I wrote the posts. [Read More]


My goal for Challenge Roth 2013 is to go sub-10 hours. I want to see the hours on my watch in the single digits when I cross the finish line. Just like Patrick Rhone I have my fear of failure, and my thought process is almost exactly like his. Setting goals and fear not reaching them is natural. But not a reason not to set goals. A good goal is a goal that’s a little scary. [Read More]

Race Plans for 2013

So far I’ve entered the following races for 2013: 2012-12-29: Fussingø Trail, 15 km (yes, not 2013 yet, I know) 2013-02-23: Thy Trail Marathon, the half marathon distance 2013-04-07: Jels Duathlon 2013-05-09: Holstebro Triathlon, 650-30-7 2013-05-26: Haderslev Triathlon, 1900-90-21 2013-07-14: Challenge Roth, 3800-180-42 2013-08-25: Silkeborg Triathlon, relay bike, 45 km TT I will probably race Randers Open Water, if I can fit it in, but the Danish open water swim calendar is not yet online, so I don’t know yet. [Read More]

Extreme Website Makeover

Back in march when Posterous was acquired it quickly became clear that it was a talent acquisition, and not because Twitter wanted to use and run the service. There was—and is—a clear sense that Posterous will be neglected and then eventually shut down. And there has been no new functionality or anything, really, from Posterous since, so it was time to move before it started to suck. I had also heard about Octopress and liked what I saw, so I started porting the content over. [Read More]

Loosing Weight

I’m on a diet to loose weight so I can actually start to be fit for real, not just fit and slightly chubby. My dinner today: 168 g chicken breast 12 g extra virgin olive oil 68 g broccoli 52 g onion 62 g carrots 48 g leek A total of 369 kCal, 38% protein, 22% carbohydrates and 40% fat. I also added some curry and other spices that I don’t weigh. [Read More]