10 Years

Jan 7, 2013 5 min.

Today, exactly 10 years ago, I published my first blog post here. Since then I found love, got married, had a son and a daughter (not blogged, sadly, since the site was un-updateable for a few months) and a divorce. All more or less chronicled here, alongside lots of random nerdery. Reading back through the archives is quite an emotional roller coaster, triggering all kinds of memories of the times when I wrote the posts.


Dec 30, 2012 4 min.

My goal for Challenge Roth 2013 is to go sub-10 hours. I want to see the hours on my watch in the single digits when I cross the finish line. Just like Patrick Rhone I have my fear of failure, and my thought process is almost exactly like his. Setting goals and fear not reaching them is natural. But not a reason not to set goals. A good goal is a goal that’s a little scary.

Race Plans for 2013

Dec 20, 2012 1 min.

So far I’ve entered the following races for 2013: 2012-12-29: Fussingø Trail, 15 km (yes, not 2013 yet, I know) 2013-02-23: Thy Trail Marathon, the half marathon distance 2013-04-07: Jels Duathlon 2013-05-09: Holstebro Triathlon, 650-30-7 2013-05-26: Haderslev Triathlon, 1900-90-21 2013-07-14: Challenge Roth, 3800-180-42 2013-08-25: Silkeborg Triathlon, relay bike, 45 km TT I will probably race Randers Open Water, if I can fit it in, but the Danish open water swim calendar is not yet online, so I don’t know yet.

Extreme Website Makeover

Dec 8, 2012 1 min.

Back in march when Posterous was acquired it quickly became clear that it was a talent acquisition, and not because Twitter wanted to use and run the service. There was—and is—a clear sense that Posterous will be neglected and then eventually shut down. And there has been no new functionality or anything, really, from Posterous since, so it was time to move before it started to suck. I had also heard about Octopress and liked what I saw, so I started porting the content over.

Loosing Weight

Nov 25, 2012 3 min.

I’m on a diet to loose weight so I can actually start to be fit for real, not just fit and slightly chubby. My dinner today: 168 g chicken breast 12 g extra virgin olive oil 68 g broccoli 52 g onion 62 g carrots 48 g leek A total of 369 kCal, 38% protein, 22% carbohydrates and 40% fat. I also added some curry and other spices that I don’t weigh.

New Job at PIL

Oct 17, 2012 1 min.

On November 1st I start in my new job at PIL. PIL has always been a well regarded company in my mind, a place where I’d love to work. So when a friend, who used to work for PIL, let me know that they were looking for someone, I was game. The job is systemadministration, but in a pure FreeBSD environment, and with everything basically being done right, from the start, as far as I can tell.

Being an Atypical Mac User

Aug 4, 2012 4 min.

After delegating my first PC, a cheap bamboo PC, to home server duties I had 5 years of using X20 and X41 ThinkPads with various open source operating systems on, mostly OpenBSD, but also lots of FreeBSD and some time in Linux land too. All good. I needed to use Windows some of the time, even spent 9 months in a course learning .NET. But I really didn’t like it, and I’m glad I finally found a job outside the myopic Microsoft ecosystem.


Jun 9, 2012 2 min.

Strides are short fast run intervals, designed to improve form and speed. They are pure speedwork, and should not be so long or hard and with so short recovery that they are aerobically straining. Normally they are prescribes as something like 6×75 m with a fast leg turnover and perfect form, recover for 1 minute, or walk back to the start, which should be about the same. Since the idea is to promote leg speed and good form, why not make it a game to do it better?

Race Wheels

Apr 15, 2012 5 min.

I need a set of serious race wheels for triathlon. A triathlon specific bike too, but I’d like to consider that separately. The first question for most people is the eternal “clincher or tubular?” To which I reply Clincher! Definitely. The added weight of clinchers compared to tubulars will almost never have an impact in the kind of races I foresee doing, and the added infrastructure I need and the cost of tubulars will definitely bother me.

Act of Valor

Mar 31, 2012 1 min.

Great boy’s movie. It’s real US Navy SEALs playing SEALs in the movie, and it shows, the action scenes have a different vibe than normal for Hollywood. Very good stuff. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Then I made a fatal mistake — I listened to the music during the end credits: Keith Urban — For You, and it’s the song Freedom Isn’t Free from Team America: World Police would’ve been a piss take of, if it wasn’t because it predates “For You” by several years.