Mixed stuff

Feb 4, 2003 1 min.

Ouch! The tattoo from below and from above. But I'm impressed. I had my first lesson today in System Engineering 1 [da]. I have a mixed feeling about this. First of all we are expected use fucking Access 97 as database, and the introductory material is based on screenshots of the same. Fuck! Otherwise our teacher seems cool enough, and we will learn actually useful things, so I guess I'll have to manage, using PostgreSQL, a real RDBMS.

Space shuttle burned up

Feb 2, 2003 1 min.

Yesterday the US space shuttle Columbia burned up on re-entry into the earths atmosphere. Of course terror and sabotage was brought up, of course that can be ruled out, of course the whole of USA is in chock, of course it had to happen sooner or later, space flight is not routine. I'm hung over today. I got some Bill Hicks recordings, "Filling up the Hump". He's great.

Anyone may be nuked now

Feb 1, 2003 1 min.

The Washington Times has a quite scary article from yesterday. Apparently the US military want to play with their nukes, since they never got to use them on the Soviet Union — luckily they now have Iraq to test it on. The chances are probably very small that they'll actually go and nuke Iraq, but that a leaked secret memo explicitly allow a nuclear response to a non-nuclear threat is real news in US military doctrine.

System engineering course

Feb 1, 2003 1 min.

Got a letter today that said I'd been accepted on the System Engineering 1 [da] ("Systemudvikling 1") course. Of course I were. They nearly didn't get enough people to sign up to start the course in the first place. It doesn't look too interesting, but I need this course to get on to the harder and funnier things later on — in a years time ...

Die! media mastodonts

Jan 29, 2003 1 min.

There's a nice rant over at Kuro5hin about how the big record companies are going to die. And they are. I mostly agree with the thinking here.

Operating Systems Errors

Jan 26, 2003 1 min.

I've read An Empirical Study of Operating Systems Errors [720k PostScript] by a group of Stanford Scientists. It says that OpenBSD 2.8 has a factor 1.2 to 6 times higher number of bugs than Linux kernel 2.4.1. Section 7 of that paper explains why and where, but lacks detail. Recommended reading. And don't feel bad if you skip the statistical analysis parts.

Microsoft worm du jour & getpeereid(2)

Jan 25, 2003 1 min.

An MS-SQL server worm exploiting a security hole from June 24th last year is running rampant on the net. There's a patch, also from June 24th. When will people learn to make patching servers a priority? Just another boring day on the Internet — nothing new. I've backported the OpenBSD 3.2 getpeereid(2) syscall to PostgreSQL 7.3.1 from the CVS version. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to get PostgreSQL configured correctly to use it.


Jan 23, 2003 1 min.

evilwm is very evil, nice and minimalistic. If you're a X11 user check it out. My fellow monger jlouis has forked malicewm off evilwm, I look forward to see what comes out of that.

Bush is evil

Jan 21, 2003 1 min.

"We will embrace tyranny and death as a duty and a creed. We can be summed up in one word: Evil!" — George W. Bush, US President. Way to go George. Se for yourself in this video. It is the truth, honest. The ticket sale for Linuxforum went way faster than normal. All 500 tickets were sold out in just 25.5 hours.

Security stuff

Jan 21, 2003 1 min.

I went to a sikkerhedsforum.dk meeting this evening. Huge thanks to Flemming Jacobsen for sponsoring pizza for me, I am so poor this month that I can't afford frills like that. Free food is my favourite food. I had arranged for us to hold a PGP keysigning party, only 8 people had sent me keys, so it was very easy to manage. Especially since two people had forgotten essential info. You know who you are.