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Jan 17, 2003 1 min.

Linuxforum is moving along nicely, we in the Coord@ group are getting sponsors, helpers and speakers lined up nicely after a quite turbulent week because of the unrest in SSLUG. I think we've solved the problems to the satisfaction of all parties. I'm starting to hack on these pages again, I've totally lacked the gumption the last 2-3 weeks. Now I'm picking up again, and I think I've made a nice little journal_entry script that works now.

Yay! First entry

Jan 17, 2003 1 min.

Woohoo! First entry in my diary. I've now bought all christmas presents, and I feel just about ready to go "home" for christmas. I wonder how christmas will be, my mother and her husband are in the middle of a divorce, they still share the house together, but that's about it.


Jan 11, 2003 1 min.

I've just watched the movie "Stalingrad". Highly recommended, highly disturbing. It's the third time I see it, but it's still a gruesome movie. It's past 02.30, so I'm really gonna sleep now.

Plus one point for common sense

Jan 7, 2003 1 min.

Good news, Jon Lech Johansen, aka. DVD-Jon, has been unanimously acquitted in the case against him, see (Norwegian) or Aftenposten (English) for the details. Congratulations Jon, and everybody else really. It's very reassuring that the USAsian DMCA isn't enforcable outside the US. It's not reassuring that the Danish government together with Greece as the only two countries in EU has passed EU mandated legislation equivalent to the DMCA. The rest of the EU will follow, of course, but I'm not proud of my politicians on this point.